Micro Inverter 800W Single Phase IP67 Design

The Microinverter is used in utility-interactive grid-tied applications, comprised of two key elements:



This series microinverter has built-in WIFI module so it can communicate with router directly.

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Micro Inverter 800W Single Phase IP67 Design


IP67 Design


Balcony & Carvan & Yacht

Photovoltaic Solution

10 Years Warranty

Easy installation

Micro inverters are the best way to create a cost-effective production of on-grid electricity to power your household.

Competitive price solar micro inverter can better track the change of solar luminosity and control different output power by the MPPT function, effectively capturing and collecting sunlight.

GPEM-800W Single Phase microinverter has 800W output power and is suitable for household, small-scale industries and commercial scenarios.

Each microinverter can connect to 2 solar modules, with independent MPPT and monitoring maximizing the power production of your installation.

The whole machine adopts metal housing to promote heat dissipation and is durable, with an IP67 protection level to adapt to various harsh environments.Built-in intelligent Wi-Fi module, real-time monitoring and fault identification.


IP67 Micro Inverter Single Phase


Model GPEM-600W GPEM-800W
Input Data(DC)
Commonly used module power (W) 240 to 405+ 280 to 470+
Maximum input voltage (V) 60
MPPT voltage range (V) 25-55
Start-up voltage (V) 22
Maximum input current (A) 2 × 11.5 2 × 12.5
Maximum input short circuit current (A) 2 × 15
Number of MPPTs 2
Number of inputs per MPPT 2
Output Data (AC)
Peak output power (VA) 600 800
Maximum continuous output power (VA) 600 800
Maximum continuous output current (A) 2.73 2.61 2.48 3.64 3.48 3.33
Nominal output voltage/range (V)1 220/180-265 230/180-265 240/180-265 220/180-265 230/180-265 240/180-265
Nominal frequency/range (Hz)1 50/47-55
Power factor (adjustable) > 0.99 default
0.8 leading … 0.8 lagging
Total harmonic distortion < 5%
Maximum units per 10 AWG branch2 8 9 9 6 6 7
Maximum units per 12 AWG branch2 5 5 6 4 4 4
CEC peak efficiency 96.50%
CEC weighted efficiency 95%
Nominal MPPT efficiency 99.00%
Nighttime power consumption (mW) <50
Mechanical Data
Ambient temperature range (°C) -40 to +65
Dimensions (W × H × D [mm]) 227×202×42
Weight (kg) 3kg
Enclosure rating Outdoor-NEMA 6 (IP67)
Cooling Natural convection – No fans
Communication 2.4 GHz Proprietary RF (Nordic)
Type of isolation Galvanically Isolated HF Transformer
Warranty Up to 10 years
Compliance UL 1741, IEEE 1547, UL 1741 SA (240 Vac), UL 1741 SB, CA Rule 21 (240 Vac)4, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1-16, FCC Part 15B, FCC Part 15C
PV Rapid Shutdown Conforms with NEC-2017 and NEC-2020 Article 690.12
and CEC-2021 Sec 64-218 Rapid Shutdown of PV Systems

Gospower is a leading Energy &Electric company founded in 2006. We are world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of energy storage battery,hybrid and off-grid inverters and power supply products.

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2. 18+ Years Experience

3. Strict QC inspection report for each order

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5. Engineers have extensive experience in installation solutions and can design installation solutions based on specific project details

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7. More than 10 overseas offices

8. Dispatch technicians for on-site maintenance and technical training, and provide marketing strategies and marketing materials




Headquartered in Shenzhen,Gospower has a factory in Dongguan Songshan Lake Industrial Park of 80,000 sqm,more than 1200 employees.

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ATE Test

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Conduction Pretest

Conduction Pretest

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