Intel and Gospower Set Up Joint Lab to Explore Advanced Cooling Technologies

Apr 11, 2024

To address the technological innovation and application development in the AI server domain, Gospower and Intel jointly established a joint laboratory on March 14th to accelerate the deployment of AI servers with high energy density through the application of new technologies.



The establishment of the joint laboratory also signifies further deepening cooperation between Intel and its OPEN IP ecosystem partner Gospower in the AI server application field. Both parties will explore advanced liquid cooling technologies such as immersion cooling to bring more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to the industry.


As Intel's OPEN IP ecosystem partner, Gospower has been committed to providing high-performance, high-reliability server power supplies for AI servers. In this collaboration, both parties will jointly research key technologies such as material compatibility, system environment adaptability, and long-term reliability to bring more advanced and reliable thermal solutions to the AI server domain.


"We are addressing the current hottest demands, such as the high computational power driven by AI, which also brings about high power consumption requirements. Our collaboration with Gospower aims to explore how new technologies can be better applied to high-density, high-power consumption power supplies under liquid cooling demands," said Carrie, Chief Engineer of Liquid Cooling Technology at Intel. The joint laboratory will focus on the research and application of immersion liquid cooling technology, an emerging cooling technique that involves filling special cooling liquid inside servers to directly dissipate heat from chips, thus improving thermal efficiency.


"We're not working in isolation. On a global scale, the joint laboratory will publish research findings on liquid cooling demands brought by high computational power and other related technologies in the form of whitepapers, providing industry standards and facilitating shared outcomes to accelerate high-quality industry development," said Simon Wang, General Manager of Gospower Electrical Region and Gao Rui Electric General Manager. He expressed hopes that through collaborative research and exploration, they can develop more environmentally friendly and energy-saving green energy solutions, thereby contributing to achieving carbon reduction goals.


The joint laboratory will focus on fostering collaboration along the entire industry chain, strengthening technological innovation and industrial chain integration, and promoting the healthy development of the AI server industry. Both parties will also jointly promote the research and development of advanced cooling solutions to meet the demands of AI servers in terms of high performance, high reliability, and high energy efficiency.


Chairman of Gospower, Ruan Shiliang, stated that this collaboration will further enhance Intel and Gospower's leading position in the AI server domain, driving technological progress and application innovation across the entire industry. In the future, they will continue to dedicate themselves to providing customers with higher quality, more efficient, and greener products and services, thereby jointly contributing to the rapid development of the global AI industry.


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