GUANGDONG GOSPOWER ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Carries Out CQC Intelligent Manufacturing Capability Level Evaluation

Apr 11, 2024

From April 1st to April 2nd, 2021, the Smart Manufacturing Evaluation Business Operation Center of the China Quality Certification Center organized an expert evaluation team to conduct an evaluation of the smart manufacturing capability level at Guangdong Gospower Electric Technology Limited. Three evaluation experts from the center and the Institute of Comprehensive Technology and Economy of Machinery Industry conducted a two-day on-site evaluation.


Guangdong Gospower Electric Technology Limited., established in 2019, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of "Shenzhen Gospower" established in Songshan Lake, Dongguan City. The main business covers communication power supply, power supply over Ethernet (POE), industrial application power supply, server power supply, data center power supply system, electric vehicle application power supply and other fields.

As Gospower's manufacturing center, our company has established a comprehensive plan for the development of smart manufacturing. We have well-established equipment and automation foundations, with online inspection methods already in use. The application of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) planning and scheduling modules is quite mature, and we have advanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and OA (Office Automation) systems in place. Overall, we have achieved seamless coordination among three business software applications.


During the evaluation period, the expert team utilized the national standards GB/T 39116-2020 "Capability Maturity Model for Intelligent Manufacturing" and GB/T 39117-2020 "Assessment Method for Capability Maturity of Intelligent Manufacturing" as references. They conducted benchmarking and assessment of the overall situation of the enterprise through methods such as interviews, observations, on-site inspections, and document reviews. Combining the actual situation of the enterprise, the expert team provided suggestions for intelligent improvement directions, which were unanimously recognized and praised by the expert group.



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