GOSPOWER Presents Smart Solar Solutions at the 2024 Solar & Storage Live Vietnam

Jul 11, 2024

On July 10, 2024 Solar & Storage Live Vietnam kicked off. This exhibition brought together more than 150 Chinese exhibitors. Gospower’s booth is at Q24, next to Huawei’s booth.




Gospower GPEO-6KL1 off-grid inverter attracted the attention and inquiries of many Vietnamese solar customers due to its exquisite design and solid workmanship. This inverter has an IP54 level, 85-450V MPPT operating voltage range, and 27A input current per MPPT. It can communicate with more than 18 battery brands, and can run up to 12 units in parallel to achieve a high power of 72kw. It is fully guaranteed for 3 years. Gospower off-grid inverter can work independently without a power grid and is suitable for remote areas or places with unstable power grids. 

Gospower off-grid inverters are usually used in conjunction with Gospower battery energy storage systems, which can store excess power and provide power when needed to ensure continuous power supply. The Gospower off-grid system can be customized according to needs, and the system scale can be flexibly adjusted to adapt to different application scenarios, such as homes, farms, camps, etc.




3.6kW-6kW Hybrid Inverter GPEX series EU Single Phase

Gospower 3.6kW-6kW Hybrid GPEX series Inverter was also favored by Vietnamese customers at this exhibition. This series of hybrid inverters have IP65 level, Natural cooling, maximum input voltage of 600V, and can support up to 6 units in parallel, providing 5-year standard warranty and 10-year/15-year extended warranty. Gospower hybrid inverter combines on-grid and off-grid functionality. Not only can it sell excess power to the grid in grid-connected mode, but it can also store excess power in the battery as a backup power source in off-grid mode. Hybrid inverters can make full use of the advantages of solar energy and commercial power to provide stable power to the load. By optimizing the use of electricity and reducing grid electricity consumption during peak electricity prices, Gospower hybrid inverters help users reduce electricity bills and maximize economic benefits.


10kW-15kW Hybrid Inverter GPEX series EU Three Phase

Gospower 10kW-15kW Hybrid Inverter GPEX series EU Three Phase is also favored by Vietnamese customers. The maximum VOC reaches 1000v, IP65 design, smart cooling, supports high-voltage batteries, 5 years 10years 15 years warranty option, Gospower hybrid inverter is equipped with intelligent management. The system can monitor and manage power generation, energy storage and power consumption, realize intelligent power management, and improve system efficiency. These advantages make hybrid inverters increasingly popular in commercial and industrial applications, especially in the context of the increasing development of energy management and energy storage technologies.


10kWh-15kWh lithium battery

Due to the increasing demand for hybrid system in Vietnam, Gospower lithium batteries can be used as backup power sources to reduce grid power consumption during peak power price periods at night. Gospower lithium battery provides a 10-year warranty (5 years full warranty + 5 years service free), has a cycle number of more than 6,000 times, can communicate with mainstream inverters, and supports 16 units in parallel.

Gospower is driven by a mission providing smart energy solutions for low-carbon society.Through technical innovation and satisfied service, Gospower have been distributing solar energy and digital power to sustainable future.



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