18kW Solar System in Myanmar

Jun 04, 2024

Gospower has specially made a dustproof, moisture-proof, full-power 6kw off-grid inverter for markets such as Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, and is committed to bringing more durable products to the people.

  The whole system configuration is as follows

1. Gospower Inverter 6KW x 3 Units 

2. Lithium Battery 300 ah x 2 Units 

3. Solar Panel 560W x 24 Pcs

4. Wifi Module x 1 Pcs


  Solution highlights:

Due to the high dust content in the air in Myanmar, after installing some brands of off-grid inverters, the inverter will explode and burn the internal circuit board after running for a period of time.

Gospower off-grid inverter 6kw is specially made for this problem with IP54 protection level, and the internal PCB board is filled with white silicone to prevent insects and dust from entering, thereby reducing the failure rate.


  Customer benefits:

Both customers and installers can install without any worries. Gospower inverters can run well for a long time with extremely low maintenance requirements, which shortens the maintenance time and cost.


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