Powering A Green Future
Gospower is a leading Energy&Eletric company founded in 2006. WIth 18 years of experience,we provide energy storage battery,hybird and off grid inverters and power supply products. Gospower now has become a trusted partner across China and worldwide.



       Corporate Culture              


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    Our Vision
    To be a world leading company in digital power field.
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    our Mission
    Provide smart energy solutions for low-carbon society.
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    Our Values
    Honest,Integrity,Excellence and Striver-oriented.




     Social Responsibility





Gospower is driven by a mission providing smart energy solution for low-carbon society. Through technical innovation and satisfied service,we have been distributing solar energy and digital power to sustainable future.



      Criteria Certification     




EN 50549 IEC 62109 NRS


NTS UN 38.3 UN 38.3

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